I have been a patient of Dr Brocchini for over a year. I have received her expert medical advice on health issues and I’ve had cosmetic procedures (Coolsculpting) to reduce belly fat. Dr Brocchini has played an integral part in improving my overall health by having me tested for food and other sensitivities and she has provided the knowledge and support I’ve needed to make sure I am on a correct diet based on those test results. I am also taking vitamins and nutrients, again based on those tests results.

Today, I feel healthier than I have in over 50 years (I suffered from a chronic immune system disorder which required many surgeries). I have been in remission and symptom free for a year!

Dr Brocchini and her assistant, Monica are undoubtedly the friendliest, most caring professionals you could hope for.

Jeanne Douglas, Sonora, CA
I have been to more than a dozen physicians over the past 12 years in an attempt to get to the root of my chronic pain and autoimmune issues. Sometimes I was referred on to a more specialized physician and sometimes just treated as if I were a hypochondriac. My visit to Dr. Brocchini was the first time in all those years a physician had spent more than 15 minutes with me! She was thorough in her analysis and evaluation and was willing to do all of the testing necessary to diagnose my ailments. Dr. Brocchini is personable and caring and I finally have a diagnosis and recovery plan and am on my way to getting my life back.
Sue Ellen Harwood, Sonora, CA
Middle age is no joke! I was tired all day, my head was cloudy and I was having trouble sleeping. Dr. Brocchini analyzed all of my systems, breaking down each one looking for answers. She was able to identify the cause, and treat my symptoms with a very comprehensive approach. I have never felt better. If you want someone who listens, gives you the time and gets results, Dr.Brocchini is your Doc!
Dr. Jeff, Sonora, CA
Dr. Brocchini is amazing! I feel healthier and younger than ever before! She is thorough, and really takes the time to test, diagnose and treat. Thank you Dr. Brocchini for saving my life and making me feel young again.
Sylvia Groom, Sonora, CA
Dr. Brocchini came into my life in February of 2017.

From the moment I walked into her office I was treated with respect and compassion. Monica, Dr. Brocchini’s Medical Assistant, was so helpful and made every effort to setup an appointment for me to see Dr. Brocchini as soon as possible.

Facewith with the life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer, and few skills for coping with it, I sought out Dr. Brocchini as someone who might give me some guidance through this difficult period. Her knowledge and intellect were apparent from our very first visit. I admire her approach to medicine: practicing traditional Western Medicine and integrating it with natural and holistic lifestyle changes. I have learned from her that there is so much we can do to help ourselves.

She brought calm and understanding to my chaotic and confused world. I really can’t thank her enough. She set me on a path to understanding my treatment conditions and giving me the courage to make important decisions about my care. I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Dr. Brocchini. She has helped me to see blue skies again.

Judy Wilson